Correct way of using the orinoco_cs driver

Mike O'Connor mjoconr at
Sun Jan 20 22:03:27 EST 2002

Hi all

I have a zoomair 4100 which uses the prisim 2 chip set.

I'm wondering what is the best way of install the current drivers from
david's site ?

I have a kernel compile (2.4.18-pre4) on a powerbook g3. Up to now I have
had a been using a 2mb zoomair card using the wlan driver. I'm trying to use
the new orinoco drive because I get the 'error -16 writing header to BAP'

I'm getting a message saying "orinoco_cs: Card Service release does not
match!". I have look arround the net and found a lot of mention of this
problem but no real explaintion on how to fix it.

Also I'm getting an error about "cardmgr: {path to modules}: init_module:
operation not permitted"

A friends Lucent tech wavelan/IEEE gets the same errors.

Using the wvlan_cs I can get the lucent card working.

Any help would be good thanks

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