HCF-light library trouble

Nicola76 nicola76 at inwind.it
Tue Jan 15 07:00:29 EST 2002

Dear Wireless List,
i sent you month ago any email about hcf light library from LUCENT ( i use two ORINOCO PCMCIA card under Win98). Well, first i have write two driver with this library, driverTX and driverRX where first driver send packet and second driver receive and show it. I reach to initialize and enable MAC port 0 but the i can't estabish a link between two station.
For driverTX i have set following RID:
before hcf_enable( )
-cnfPortType=3 (pseudo IBSS)
-and read MAC address fron cnfOwnMacAddress

afet hcf_enable( )
-Create IBSS=1 (station create IBSS with name prova!?, is correct? )

For driverRX i have set
before hcf_enable( )
-cnfPortType=3 (pseudo IBSS)
-and read MAC address fron cnfOwnMacAddress

after hcf_enable( )
-Create IBSS=0 (Not create IBSS)

for Intersil firmware there are RID  SCAN REQUEST (0xFC85) and JOIN (0xFCE2) but in HCF-light library
there aren't!
I look Comunication Tallies and i see that i don't trasmit nothing!
But i use hcf_put data ( i fill the trasmit frame with MAC HEDAR (address dst src and lenght field) and PAYOLAD.
Then i call hcf_send. 
In DriverRX call in polling mode hcf_service_nic( ) and control RxLen field in IFBP.
If then i call hcf_service_nic( ) and look EVSTATUS register, the last command code is 0x0B, the correct code for trasmit and the result filed is 0, like for correct execution.  
I don't understand what i need to do for trasmit frame, i think there was to initialize, enable port, set any RID and then with hcf_put_data and hcf_send trasmit the frame! Can you help me? Do you remember what to do to establish link and then exchang packet? Please send me any response as soon as you can, Thank you very much for all,

University of Brescia, Italy   

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