2MBit wlan and linux drivers (UPDATE)

Daniel Winkler post at danielwinkler.de
Tue Jan 15 03:49:54 EST 2002

Hello again,

now I tried something new: I took the 2MBit-Card out of the access point and
replaced it by an AirLancer with 11Mbit. Great, the L-2 access point did
11Mbit then. The effects:

- My LINUX DRIVERS WORKED properly!!! No crashs, no panics. Great!! :-)))
- My old 2MBit-Cards could not find any WLan.. (only windows tested, no
linux drivers present) :-(((((((

It would be a bit expensive for us to replace all 2Mbit-Cards by
11Mbit-Cards; I have already seen an AirLancer 2 in a 11Mbit-LAN (using
windows), too..

Could someone tell me what I could do now? Am I so stupid?


a confused Daniel Winkler

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