choice of cards...

Fox, Michael MF180802 at Exchange.Australia.NCR.COM
Thu Jan 10 10:56:16 EST 2002

Hi all,

After much hanging around, I have finally started looking at cards. I hope
to have 2 PCMCIA cards with PCI adapters, so that I can install them into 2
linux workstations. The project for me is to get the two cards talking to
each other, and then work at getting the networks either side of the linux
machines to see each other.

But first I need to make a choice on my card.. my prefered card would be a
Lucent Orinoco or a Compaq WLxxx

Anyone care to guide me into making the perfect choice.

Initally the cards will be used inside my house doing point to point, but
soon as someone is nearby I would then like to use the cards with an
external antenna, so it needs to support an external antenna.

Anyone care to drop us an email, and let me know which Compaq WL card would
suit, and if the lucent cards also suit? which is better for me?

Thanks in advance

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