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Ryan ryan at prodigital.net.au
Sun Jan 6 14:09:59 EST 2002

With all due respect to valid Telecommunications Carrier License holders 
and the fist of the Telcommunications Act,

These issues have been discussed on this and many other lists before too 
many times to mention and it never gets anywhere close to a 
conclusion.  The nature and vagueness of the laws prevents even ACA staff 
making recommendations to you, so how can we come up with any definitive 
ruling on our own?  These kind of laws are verified through precedent, it's 
the only way to test them.  So get caught, argue your case and make them 
see how inappropriate the laws are, or become a politician and get your 
head on TV and scream about it a bit, or do as they say, or just ignore 
them (*).  It's your choice, holes or no holes.

<can of worms>
Respect the intentions of 'The Act' though:  How do think paying licensees 
feel about you sticking up a carriage link in competition with their one 
without paying for it?  It cuts both ways.  Amongst other things The Act 
provides exclusive rights to a license holder much like a Patent, while 
ensuring the services they provide are done so with an acceptable duty of 
care to both the public and other license holders.  How socialist do you 
think The Act can become while upholding these characteristics?
</can of worms>


(*) <insert Teflon coated responsibility clause here>

At 11:49 AM 06-01-02 +1100, you wrote:

>Hi All,
>I believe Senator Richard Alston is a stubborn moron that most likely 
>still uses a typewritter to do all of his work and has probabally only 
>used the internet once in his life.  The thing about all of these laws is 
>that they are old, too vauge, outdated and are utterly moronic.  Wireless 
>technology is an all new emerging technology with unlimited possibilities 
>and if we ever get a senator that will do his job then the first thing the 
>senator must do is realise this and re-write the laws, Technology is 
>changing by the minute but sadly our laws are changing by the decade and 
>just keep falling behind.  In the meantime, while our laws remain old, too 
>vague, outdated and quite simply stupid, I am extremely confident that 
>there will be many ways to get around these laws and at this stage they 
>are too vague for any form of enforcement to be imposed.
>Best Regards,
>Ben Smith

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