Wireless in Adelaide

Wright, Matthew Matthew.Wright at bridge.com
Fri Jan 4 16:45:40 EST 2002

I think things are being a little misconstrued here.  Basically it is
illegal to be a third party carrier.

However if a cooperative of people as a cooperative produced a network for
use of the cooperative (and not 3rd parties)

Then the communications act is not being contravened.  There is nothing
about property boundaries.

(Universities have private unlicensed links between campuses. (This is in
addition to their long haul licensed links).

I hope this helps allays peoples fears and that no one is scare mongered
into not playing with this technology.


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I wasn't aware of that... so having a link between two friends which is
greater then 500m and passes through/across property boundaries other then
our own is illegal? thats a bummer

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> Guys,
> 	Remember if you are not a licensed telecommunications carrier,
> you should be careful not to violate the ACA no longer than 500 metre
> rule, and not cross any property boundaries... or not get caught.
> This is why most grass roots free user-maintained networks 
> don't get off
> the ground, because they discover that its illegal.
> http://www.aca.gov.au/index/default.htm 

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