Wireless in Adelaide

Richard Siggs rls at powerband.net.au
Fri Jan 4 11:40:27 EST 2002

Hi Eric,

Eric Parsonage wrote:

>  I have just joined the mailing list and would like to know where the
> Adelaide group is at. How do I get involved ? what hardware are you
>  all using ? where are you all geographically ?

	I missed out "raising my dib" last time Adelaide's wireless
networking was mentioned on the list.

	I'm in the Grange area & have 2 spare point-to-point 2meg
wireless setup available if you know of anyone who'd like to link up
in the area bounded by Henley Beach Rd, Tapleys Hill Rd & Trimmer Pde!?
Also got an 802.11b node up, so if you ever find yourself walking Grange
Beach with a lappy or pda, please don't try to airsnort me ;-)

> Eric Parsonage

	How about a Coffee / Lunch / Dinner with other interested
Adelaidian Wireless Users?  Anyone else interested?

Richard Siggs / 0414 882 225 / rls at powerband.net.au
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