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Thu Jan 3 19:22:43 EST 2002


The linksys pci to pcmcia bridge only work with linksys pcmcia wavelan 
I tried it with lucent gold and silver cards, without success.
I'm pretty sure it's just a connexion to do/remove to remove the 
lock.... but don't know how at this time.

If someone have a linksys card to sell or want to buy a pci bridge in 



David Gibson wrote:

>On Wed, Jan 02, 2002 at 02:07:42PM +0100, Jakob wrote:
>>I bought a couple of cheap PCMCIA adapters (Gigafast AEX-721) which are 
>>apparently prism II cards.
>>I also bought a LinkSys PCI bridge, hoping to use it in a desktop machine, but 
>>they are not compatible (somewhere I read the LinkSys bridge is dumb).
>It's very surprising that the LinkSys bridge doesn't work with the
>other cards, assuming they are Prism 2: the bridge is dumb, but these
>cards and the LinkSys cards should be almost identical.
>What makes you think they are not compatible?

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