DWL-900AP+ External Mounting Environmentals ;-((

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Mon Dec 30 16:14:53 EST 2002


My production Cisco 350 APs do work on 48 volts, and they come with injectors.
However my home "playing around with" one is a 340 series. Those ran on 12
volts and that is what I am powering with 15 at the bottom of the tower.

I did the injection myself and chose the wires I wanted to use. I did use the
"standard" that I believe I have seen floating around here (or on NY
Wireless). I can't remember which.

I haven't tried to remote the Dlink yet. It'd have to be a long way up there
to drop 15 to 5 volts though. That one might just have to have a regulator.
But I'm not worried about the heat at all.


On Mon, 30 Dec 2002 15:38:02 +1100 evilbunny <evilbunny at sydneywireless.com>

> Hello rwf,
> http://grouper.ieee.org/groups/802/3/af/
> PoE standard
> I can't remember where I read it, however
> between 44 and 52 is the
> voltage requirement iirc...
> -- 
> Best regards,
>  evilbunny              

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