Question about an AP-1000

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Sat Dec 28 20:47:14 EST 2002

Hello List !

	I changed the IP address and password of an Orinoco AP-1000,
which had the KarlNet software for TurboCell loaded, but I changed those
parameters in "force reload" mode, now I can no longer connect to my
Satelllite station (I'm in the base station), I cannot ping it nor
access it.    The strange part of it is that I can run a Wireless Link
Test on it and I get results.

	I went up to my Satellite station, which is another AP-1000 with
the same KarlNet software as my Base station, and I notice that it is
not transmitting a thing to my Base station and the only thing that
changed was the "force reload" change I did in the Base station.

	How can I get them to talk again?, changing the IP address back
to the original will help?, does anybody have a clue of where I can
start digging for information towards the solution of this problem?.
I checked all parameters, like Network ID and Channel and they both
match, in fact, they were working before the IP address change with
those same parameters.   I'm out of ideas now.

Thanks in advance !!!


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