Slotted waveguide

Lyle Williams lyle.williams at
Sun Dec 22 17:46:32 EST 2002

Thanks to those who provided advice on the best way to cut slots for a

In the end, I bought a trimmer (small router) - it cuts the 3mm aluminium

I have built my first slotted waveguide, and I am evaluating its
performance.  The first waveguide took about four hours to build, but a lot
of this time was me working out the best way to do things.  Some time also
went into sorting out a jig for cutting holes.  Now that I have learnt some
lessons, I could probably knock out four 16+16's in a day without too much

If anyone has access to good elevated sites in Canberra, I'd be glad to
donate waveguides to hub projects.

Lyle Williams

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