Linux drivers for TI acx-100 (Dlink DWL 6650+)

Ben Southwood ben at
Wed Dec 18 11:41:15 EST 2002


>No support as yet, D-Link will release a Linux driver in first quarter
>2003 ("
>That's what it says on that page.  Which driver were you referring to?
at the bottom of the page it gives the URL for drivers that may work...

"Driver module was compiled with pre-gcc-3.0 compiler and can't be 
insmod'ded into gcc-3.0 compiled kernels (RH 8.0); please correct me if 
I'm wrong."

I am using RH 7.3 which I believe is pre gcc-3.0 so I am hoping it will 
work for me, just a matter of figuring out where I put the damn card!

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