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Ham Radio has a dat stream called APRS... You can find out more at Might be interesting to take this data and generate
street maps from it. My car transmits every 30 seconds when it is
driving and sends it to 


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I'd be very interested in doiing this in Canberra, anyone got an URL for

At 10:53 PM 12/15/02 +0000, Kim Hawtin wrote:
>On Thu, Dec 05, 2002 at 04:49:39PM +1100, evilbunny wrote:
>>   Idea at this stage is to create a simple XML type client for
>>   OS's that can pull data from GPS units...
>>   Idea is you walk up to a intersection, grab GPS location (to as
>>   as possible the centre of the intersection without getting killed
>>   note the street names, (St, rd, etc etc) how many lanes, and other
>>   bits that will make it useful. At this stage we're after any
>>   suggestions on what data would be useful to capture etc...
>>   Also trying to find out if people would be willing to go out and
>>   their suburbs or even surrounding suburbs, the data we plan to
>>   release royalty free to anyone that wants it, some guys in the US
>>   already have the mapping infrastructure to plot these vector points
>>   into images... Because it will be royalty free there won't be any
>>   issues with sharing it, because it won't be owned by any company
>>   etc...
>Now that I'm in a job, after my next pay I'll look at geting a GPS unit

>and start on my area early next year =)
>>   There are a lot of groups that could benefit from this apart from
>>   wireless so there is a potential for a lot of collaboration between
>>   different parts of the community to make this happen... and share
>>   the benefits of having it...
>There is a project kicking off in London called AirShadow (?) or 
>similar. The idea is that you can map a given ESSID for your community 
>group. Also the idea that you can map the "network" area and signal 
>strength over time ...

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