two WaveLAN cards in one machine?

Andrew Smith andrew at
Tue Dec 10 08:47:07 EST 2002

> > I've had two in the one machine before, and they talk quite happily to
> > each other inside the case, with or without antennae. If you're looking
> > to make a repeater between two other remote nodes, you really want to
> > put them in different cases.
> Sure, the older Lucent cards have only a single channel centred around 2.4
> GHz, but these are spread spectrum cards.  Won't the chipping sequence
> (dictated by the NWID?) be sufficient to separate the signals of two
> cards?

I look after a dozen or so pre-802.11 Aironet units around town; adjacent
units, even with high-gain outdoor directional antennae, need carrier
separation very noticable under full load.  If it's just a hobby setup/low
traffic I wouldn't worry.  I have a few Wavelan's also, I'm impressed by
their throughput, actually close to 2mbps!


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