two WaveLAN cards in one machine?

Alex Satrapa grail at
Mon Dec 9 09:03:02 EST 2002

Ben Elliston wrote:

>Sure, the older Lucent cards have only a single channel centred around 2.4
>GHz, but these are spread spectrum cards.  Won't the chipping sequence
>(dictated by the NWID?) be sufficient to separate the signals of two
Unfortunately, I've only ever had two cards to work with, so I don't 
know how much card A1 might interfere with card A2 talking to card B. 
 My only experience so far is that the signal strength from A1 is enough 
that A2 will likely not be able to hear anything else - a pathological 
case of the "hidden transmitter" problem. I even tried putting a sheet 
of copper (foil) between the two cards.

If you want to do an imperical test of the system under consideration, I 
have two WaveLAN cards in two industrial PC boxen, all set up and ready 
to play.

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