Michał Margula alchemyx at uznam.net.pl
Sun Dec 8 03:37:59 EST 2002


Has anybody tried to use D-Link DWL-650+ under Linux? I found information in
SUPPORTED.CARDS of pcmcia-cs that DWL-650 (without plus sing) is supported.
But I cant make it work. I am using pcmcia-cs version 3.1.30 and kernel

I have added following lines to /etc/pcmcia/hermes.conf and

card "Texas Instruments USR2210 22Mbps Wireless PC Card"
  manfid 0x0097, 0x8402
  bind "orinoco_cs"

Output of my lspci is:

06:00.0 Network controller: Texas Instruments USR2210 22Mbps Wireless PC Card

BTW: Why does that card appear in lspci and my pcmcia-based etherned card
 does not?

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