AP manager problem

Simon Byrnand simon at igrin.co.nz
Tue Apr 30 06:04:17 EST 2002

At 02:00 AM 1/02/02 -0700, Prasad Venkata Boddupalli wrote:

>    In our network setup, a router sits in between the AP and the
>ethernet. We are trying to set up this router as a monitoring station.
>However, the status of the access point comes up as offline in the lucent
>AP manger application, running on this router. Can someone please point as
>what could be going wrong ?


Sounds like you don't have the management ip address of the access point in
the same subnet as the ethernet link its connected to.

When you browse for Access points using AP manager over either directly
connected ethernet (as in your case between the AP and the router/server)
or from a machine directly connected via the wireless interface, AP manager
uses ethernet SNMP packets to probe and locate the AP, and it will show up
in "Local area network scan" regardless of what ip address the AP may have.

However, if the ip address and netmask of the access point are not set to
something that your station running the AP manager can reach, it will show
as "Offline" or in later versions of AP manager as "scan denied". The
answer is to temporarily change the ip address and netmask of a computer
with AP manager to the same subnet as the AP, log into it, and reconfigure
it's ip address, netmask, and default gateway to be compatible with the
network its connected to.

The key point is that although the Access Point is a bridge, and the ip
address is irrelevant as far as bridging goes, as far as management goes,
its just a normal station with an ip address, netmask and default gateway
that need to be right....


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