improving range, signal strength for WMP11

Alex Satrapa grail at
Sat Apr 27 19:49:20 EST 2002

On Saturday, April 27, 2002, at 10:01 , Jim Carter wrote:

> I'll bet a higher location is better, about head level, because file
> cabinets, refrigerators, people's feet, etc. tend to block the signal at
> floor level.

Put the access point in the ceiling, immediately above the center of 
mass of the house. Or move it around a bit to find where you can receive 
signals from it best.  Or move it to provide best coverage to the places 
you're most likely to need it.

Be aware that the dodgey antennae used in consumer grade equipment have 
really woeful radiation patterns.  You'll find signal strength varies 
depending on which way you're sitting, and which way the access point is 
facing.  Put the access point in the roof space, or as high up as it 
will go inside the house.  Take your laptop out into the garden, and see 
how far away you can sit before losing signal.  Rotate the AP in 45 
degree increments and you'll get some rough idea of the radiation 
pattern of the AP's antenna - make sure you sit in the same spot facing 
the same way.

I had fun playing around with a couple of WaveLAN cards, but they were 
in desktop boxes so I didn't have the luxury of wandering around the 
garden with one ;)


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