DLink DWL-520 success.

Tony Smith tony at tonsyl.org
Sat Apr 27 09:03:21 EST 2002

I hope I am not covering ground already walked by others.

But, this morning I've tried the latest Host-AP drivers for the PrismII
chipset. The makefile includes the option for "true PCI" type cards which is
what the DWL-520 is.

Anyway, the whole process took less than 15 minutes and its up and working
My laptop using a Xircom CWE=1120 (reported by the latest Win98 drivers as a
cisco card (???) and is working perfectly in "infrastructure mode".

I used a stock-as-a-box RedHat 7.2 installation with the Host-AP drivers and
the bridge utils (brctl) from sourceforge.

Next step now is to get an external antenna  and possibly an amplifier....


Tony Smith

Connected to the internet in Sunny Far North Queensland Australia

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