improving range, signal strength for WMP11

Jakob jakob at
Sat Apr 27 07:39:54 EST 2002


so I installed my Linksys WMP11 Mini PCI card as an access point on a OpenBSD 
3.1 box.  It has screwed-on, directible, external antenna which is covered with 
protective rubber, it seems.

It sits under my desk in the office which is at one end of my house.  When I am 
on the first floor, on the other end, signal strength and link quality get 
amazingly weak.  Admittedly, there are a couple of concrete walls in between, 
but still.

So, my question is not so far about how to improve range with line of sight, 
but rather how to get a better signal/link through walls.  I guess putting up a 
pringles antenna wouldn't really help, or would it?

Thanks for any insights or pointers you may have for somebody with an extremely 
limited knowledge on antennas.


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