ORiNOCO + Linux 2.4.18 + STRANGE traffic problem

José de Paula Eufrásio Júnior jjunior at pib.com.br
Sat Apr 27 02:06:13 EST 2002



ORiNOCO AP-1000 + COR License
One of the interfaces is in COR mode, conected to a ROR AP, working fine 
The other interface is in 802.11b AP Mode, and THAT is the problem.

I installed a ORiNOCO PC Card Gold in a Linux box, compiled the kernel 
2.4.18 with hermes support, then the pcmcia-cs scripts.
Now, everything works ok, the driver recognizes the card, firmware, all ok.
I ping my gateway (that is in the same switch than the AP) and get 4/5 ms 
of reply time, no packet losses. A SNR of 16 or 19 dBi, tried everything 
from turn off the encryption to change channels and stuff. But the traffic 
is terribly slow... the pings are ok, but when I try a download from my own 
network, the traffic just don't come... like... 1 k/s is the maximum.

I get

Apr 26 12:01:22 wlb kernel: eth1: Tx error, status 1 (FID=0193)
Apr 26 12:01:23 wlb kernel: eth1: Tx error, status 1 (FID=017F)
Apr 26 12:01:24 wlb kernel: eth1: Tx error, status 1 (FID=016B)

on the kernel too.

I'm really bored with this stuff.

Some idea?


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