Teletronics 2Mbps trouble...

Joel Fressa joelfressa at
Thu Apr 25 05:57:41 EST 2002

Jim, Hello!

I hope I can answer these questions.....

>On Mon, 22 Apr 2002, Joel Fressa wrote:
> > ...
> > This seems to be the source of my problems. I have an Orinoco
> > and a Melco wireless card in my Linux system. I can ping other
> > hosts on my subnet but I can NOT ping anything outside of
> > the subnets OR the gateway!
> >
> > Seems my packets do not get through the Ethernet link from
> > the AP to the Linux router PC.
>On the AP, is the default gateway set to the router's interface on the AP's
>own net?  For example:

I assume yes. The AP itself has NO IP. Weird. It has a MAC address
though and it has firmware. We have the latest 2.14. Ok, here is
the deal. The gateway and routing work perfectly when I connect
using a Windows PC. But, same PC dual booting to Linux, it does
not work. I can connect and ping anybody on my subnet.

This means the packets reach the AP just fine and are broadcast
back out (RX to TX) perfectly BUT they are not going through
the AP and out the Ethernet interface to the Linux router.

>Router: eth0 = (to PC's, internal DNS name =
>         eth1 = (connection to ISP, default route of alpha)
>         eth2 = (to access point(s))
>AP:     eth0 =
>         eth1 = (the wireless aether)
>I'm modelling the AP as a bridge which I think is the more typical
>configuration.  Now if the AP's default route is to
>(, it has no way to get packets to there, reminiscent of
>your situation. Its default route has to be which is on its own

Hmmm. I dont know exactly _how_ the AP bridge functions work.
They might not be very compliant bridging- the producer of the
AP seems to be a chinese special and I have had no reply from
them at all. Dont buy Teletronics. Pay money and get a Cisco,
Intel or the like.

Do you (or anybody reading this post) have any suggestions?
What else can we do? If my packets looked more like a Windows
packet, it would seem that they would work fine. Maybe its
a problem with my Linux driver but I used 3 so far. wvlan_cs,
orinoco and I think wavelan2. I swear the Linux part is working
fine but who knows. Seems like its fine and people report its
ok. Has to be the stupid AP, right?



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