Pavel Roskin proski at
Sun Apr 21 15:21:22 EST 2002

Hi, Jim!

> Thanks very much for your help.  As I am using kernel PCMCIA, I tried
> various ineffective maneuvers to get an equivalent effect.  Kernel
> PCMCIA always uses the PCI IRQ if it's known, which it is (equivalent to
> irq_mode=0).  I tried doing

It's not true.  The kernel doesn't reprogram the bridge to use PCI
interrupts.  I don't have the complete patch with me (it's at work), but
you can for example search for TI113X_DCR_IMODE_ISA in the kernel and in
pcmcia-cs.  The kernel only defines that symbol but doesn't actually use
it.  The same is true for Ricoh controllers: try searching for 
RL5C47X_MISC_SRIRQ_ENA.  Try the drivers from pcmcia-cs.

> 	setpci -v -s 2:3.0 INTERRUPT_LINE=5
> (that's the slot for the wireless card), and something stayed set to 5,
> but reloading the modules, or rebooting, still assigned IRQ 11 to the
> card. lspci reported no change in IRQ.

I wouldn't care so much about PCI irq's.  2% of speed is not worth it 

Pavel Roskin

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