Wireless across building

John Morrison jmorrison at ahc.net.au
Sat Apr 20 09:05:24 EST 2002

THANKS everyone!!!
	I've never had such a good response from a chat group. :-)

	We've settled on D-Link DWL-900ap it seems to give everything we need and
the price is right. :-)

	Also time is short to get this set up we're running on a 56K modem at the
moment :-( YUCK

I'm now looking at setting up a wireless network in my neighbourhood so I'm
reading up on all the info you've all provided.
The recipe from Joachim Frank is great!!!
I'm sure I'll have some more questions about this later as I get deeper into
it.  BUT at least it's closer to what this groups is for. :-)

THANKS again for your help
John M.

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