Wireless across building

John Morrison jmorrison at ahc.net.au
Thu Apr 18 18:57:39 EST 2002

G'day all

	I need to set up a wireless link across my building (point to point only)
so I can get access to the internet as cheaply as I can (With reliability)
and as I know hardly anything about wireless "yet" I thought I'd come to the

	What I've worked out so far is I think I need a D-link DWL-1000AP and a
D-link DWL-120.
	The DWL-1000AP will be plugged into a hub in another office which is the
Internet end.
	The DWL-120 gets plugged into my computer (about 20-25 meters away though
walls etc).

Have I got it right?
Is this the way to do it or is there a cheaper way?

A BIG THANKS for any help you can give!!!

John M.

BTW I'm in Australia if that matters???

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