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Pavel Roskin proski at
Thu Apr 18 03:48:11 EST 2002

Hi, David!

> > However, I've just discovered that "cardctl config" doesn't work on ARM
> > because of the alignment issues (sizeof(config_info_t) is different in
> > kernel and user space, which makes DS_GET_CONFIGURATION_INFO different).
> Oh - so it looks like there are alignment problems in the PCMCIA
> subsystem.  That wouldn't help.

Sorry for diverting the discussion to this unrelated topic.  This is not
an alignment, this is a mismatch in the size of ioaddr_t on ARM between
the kernel and pcmcia-cs plus insufficient protection against fools like
me who use relative path to the kernel when configuring pcmcia-cs.

The fix has been sent to David Hinds and will appear in pcmcia-cs-3.1.34, 
but you most likely don't need it:

--- include/pcmcia/cs_types.h
+++ include/pcmcia/cs_types.h
@@ -38,8 +38,13 @@
-typedef u_short	socket_t;
+#ifdef __arm__
+typedef u_int   ioaddr_t;
 typedef u_short	ioaddr_t;
+typedef u_short	socket_t;
 typedef u_int	event_t;
 typedef u_char	cisdata_t;
 typedef u_short	page_t;

Pavel Roskin

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