Orinoco testing + ARM (Byte-alignment problems, it seems)

Pavel Roskin proski at gnu.org
Wed Apr 17 09:19:56 EST 2002

Hi, Ben!

The orinoco driver works on ARM just fine.

> So, it started working.  I'm not too sure why yet, (I made some
> changes, but nothing that should have mattered).
> ping -f gets the driver into a funny state:

Not for me.

> eth1: Error -110 writing Tx desciptor to BAP

I'm getting this on ARM only with one particular card with Intersil
firmware (ZCOMAX AirRunner/XI-300) and only once, when the card is
inserted.  I haven't seen this message on i386, but I cannot test that
card on i386 - it has a compact flash connector that's too thick for the
PCMCIA adaptor.

Since the problem with the driver seems to show up differently, it's more 
likely to be a race than an alignment problem.

However, I've just discovered that "cardctl config" doesn't work on ARM
because of the alignment issues (sizeof(config_info_t) is different in
kernel and user space, which makes DS_GET_CONFIGURATION_INFO different).

I don't think it's related, it's just an demonstration that the alignment
issues are not all fixed.  But they don't disappear between boots.

Pavel Roskin

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