Cisco/Airo to PLX adapter device driver

Jason Hecker jason at
Mon Apr 15 20:50:38 EST 2002

I have written a driver for Cisco/Aironet PCMCIA cards to work with the 
infamous PLX PCI9052 chipset PCMCIA->PCI adapters.  

I based it on orinoco_plx.c and it works in conjuction with airo.c in the 
Linux kernel.  I almost have it working, I can bring the card (Airo-352) 
up and configure it but it just won't send packets or generate any 

If anyone with an interest in getting their Cisco/Airo cards to work with 
a PLX adapter or has driver writing know-how and would like to peruse the 
code for any crud, I'd much appreciate it, as I am very, very new to Linux 
driver writing.

The source and more info can be found at

Cheers in advance,
jASON Hecker

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