Symbol PCI Card and RedHat 7.2

David Gibson david at
Fri Apr 12 11:23:57 EST 2002

On Thu, Apr 11, 2002 at 04:58:15PM -0400, Brian Johnson wrote:
> I recently bought a couple rebranded Symbol Spectrum24 cards in PCI adapters
> (rebranded as Nortel e-mobility cards)
> My RedHat 7.2 Linux system isn't telling me that it's a pcmcia adapter -
> it's telling me it's a Network controller

Chances are it's a PLX adaptor.  It more-or-less transparently bridges
PCMCIA onto PCI.  However we only added the PCI ID for the emobility
card in a recent testing version, see  Assuming these
cards do seem to work (at least partially), then it should be in

> With a couple of other people who got these cards (the pc cards work
> sepearately in laptops but I need it in a desktop) set up a wiki page to
> keep notes on at:
> ow
> The web site at
> sounds
> like the orinoco_cs driver might work as a stright ethernet controller for
> this card (is this a what they call a PLX adapter?)

Well strictly the orinoco_plx driver rather than orinoco_cs.

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