Sharing Internet Connection with an AP

darren teodarren at
Thu Apr 11 20:36:54 EST 2002

Hi all,

I am trying to share out my broadband connection to 3 of my WLAN clients
on a Cisco AP.

Problems with administration and wiring prevented me from connecting my
AP to the Internet PC(the one with the ADSL link) via the Internet PC's
second network card and running WinRoute Pro (NAT proggie).

I tried to go around the problem by installing a Lynksys USB WLAN
adapter to the Internet PC to talk to the AP and to act as a bridge
between the AP and the Internet PC. WinRoute Pro also acts as a DHCP for
the WLAN clients via the USB adaptor.

The PROB: While the DHCP works flawlessly in my setup, I am unable to
access the internet from any of the wireless clients.

Am able to ping the USB adaptor from all the WLAN clients.

DNS and Gateway addresses for the WLAN clients all set to [IP of USB

Unable to ping external addresses.

I have a second internal adaptor on the same internet PC that is able to
access the outside world via NAT.

Any thoughts or advice?


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