Prism2, DWL-650 and ISA adaptor problems

Matthew Vella mvella at
Wed Oct 31 23:05:29 EST 2001

The DWL-650 is a Cardbus (32 bit) card - I doubt it will ever work in any
ISA->PCMCIA (16 bit) adaptor.

You will need a PCI->Cardbus adaptor.

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Subject: Prism2, DWL-650 and ISA adaptor problems

> Hi all;
> Im using a 2.4.12 Linux kernel with the latest pcmcia-cs package ( with
> Prism2 AP driver added ). The machine has a ISA->PCMCIA adaptor, which
> I've had no problems with in the past ( using wavelan card and
> udrive ).
> Unfortunatly it fails to correctly load my DWL-650 card. The Prism2
> drivers appear to load but then fail. Here's what I get ( via dmesg );

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