FW: 2nd hand Network Equip from our office in Collins St Melbourn e

Wright, Matthew Matthew.Wright at bridge.com
Wed Oct 31 11:53:22 EST 2001

More Second Hand Network Equipment 

Below is a list of some 2nd hand equipment which we currently have.
 4 x 5KT Pro Marathon Micom Multiplexors
 1 x 5K Turbo Marathon Micom Multiplexor
 3 x 5K Marathon Micom Multiplexor
 Nortel 5000 Chassis with 1x 5616/SA Network Management module and 2 x 5606
10/100 Mbs Ethernet/Fast Ethernet Host modules and a dual power supply.
 3 x Comstream Digital Satelite modems, model CM701
 4 x Comstream Intellicast101 Didital Receivers 
 If you are interested in the above equipment could you please contact me on
9018 5941
Matthew Wright
Field Service Engineer
Moneyline Telerate

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