Sparcstation 5 Workstations

Tony Langdon tlangdon at
Wed Oct 31 08:09:46 EST 2001

> Is Anybody in Melbourne interested in Aquiring 4x Sparcstation 5s
> I will have to sell them cash only during business hours we 
> are getting rid
> of them, and I don't want them to goto waste.
> You can purchase them individually if you wish.  The price 
> asking is $100 if
> you think that is too steep still register your interest, and 
> I will let my
> boss no.
> I think they have 128MB ram, I aslo have some monitors for 
> them. (Another
> $100)

Wish I had the spare cash.  Wouldn't mind one to play with, but I'll have to
pass on the offer.  

Might also be worth mentioning in the Linux user groups (I presume
Linux/Sparc will run on them :) ).

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