Sparcstation 5 Workstations

Wright, Matthew Matthew.Wright at
Tue Oct 30 18:11:17 EST 2001

Is Anybody in Melbourne interested in Aquiring 4x Sparcstation 5s

I will have to sell them cash only during business hours we are getting rid
of them, and I don't want them to goto waste.

You can purchase them individually if you wish.  The price asking is $100 if
you think that is too steep still register your interest, and I will let my
boss no.

I think they have 128MB ram, I aslo have some monitors for them. (Another



PS Please email me with your offer. (Sorry if this is a bad place to
advertise -- I just thought that enthusiasts might be interested also some
of the sparcstations (Maybe 2) are multihomed (dual network cards)

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