Wireless in Adelaide?

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Tue Oct 30 15:47:05 EST 2001

I'm interested but never found anyone close enought to me to link with. If 
anyone is near the alberton area then I might consider it depending on the 
cost of equipment.


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>Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 10:33:31 +0930
>I'm interested. I live in Hope Valley.
>I registered my interest with www.adelaide.air.net.au
>at least 6 months ago, but never heard anything back.
>	Graham Rawolle
>	Information Technology
>	University of South Australia
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>On Wed, 17 Oct 2001, Benjamin Close wrote:
> > Hi All,
> > 	I've found a little spare time and are interested in joining any
> > wireless networks which might be existing in Adelaide, Australia. So
> > what's around? air.net.au mentions that something might be going on but
> > gives no details. If nothing exists, I'm very tempted to see what I can
> > setup.
>Hi Benjamin,
>As I see it there is a dearth of information on the
>www.adelaide.air.net.au site about actually linking people together. I'm
>not sure this list is the place for that either (in the context of south
>australia), but that's perhaps beside the point.
>What I was thinking is putting together a few CGI's to let people register
>themselves as being interested in joining up with others in a wireless
>fashion, against their suburb.
>The main criteria for me to do this are:
>1. Time (Ahh, I don't need *that* much sleep do I?)
>2. Need (Do people want this?)
>3. Suburb list
>I had a bit of a search last night but wasn't able to track down a machine
>readable list of suburbs. I didn't look far though.
>What would be really nice is a CSV file, with suburbs, postcodes, and
>maybe latitude and longitude. Then we can get really funky in the
>graphical representation type stakes.
>Yes, I'm volunteering :-) If points 2 can be shown, and point 3 can be
>provided, then I will sacrifice some of point 1 :-)
>	- Justin
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