Orinoco + routing

Petar Maymounkov petar at cs.nyu.edu
Tue Oct 30 08:39:00 EST 2001

I recently installed a pcmcia Orinoco Wireless card on my linux machine.
I am running kernel 2.2.16 and pcmcia 2.1.25 and Wireless Extensions v21
(although when I was compiling the wireless ext. it was giving me some
warning message..), but they work fine.

When I plugin the pcmcia card, the wvlan0 interface appears in ifconfig
and the card also appears in iwconfig. seems to pick up signal and

however, there is something wrong with routing. when i type "route"
it hangs and doesn't print the routing table past the first line.
and of course, i cannot ping anything else but myself.

when i unplugthe pcmcia card, "route" starts working normally again and
prints the loopback routing entry.

doesn anyone have an idea what the fix to this can be?

thank you,

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