Orinoco PCI Adapter

Nicusor Dragos nicutz at microcom.ro
Tue Oct 30 04:36:44 EST 2001

I posted a question about that subject wich don`t working with
Slackware, but yes with RedHat.

   I replace the PCIC=i82365 wiyh PCIC=yenta_socket after kernel
recompilation with pcmcia=m and i82365=y.
    I compiled pcmcia-cs.3.1.29 with WLLI610.tgz from Orinoco
(wavelan2_cs module) and I obtained a working Linux box with Orinoco
PCI+PCMCIA on Linux Slackware distro.

Maybe it`s possible some other combination but I don`t tray yet !

    I think i82365 is not good for PCI and I don`t know why !

I hope that is usefull for other people who has troble with that
combination !


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