Making a Linux router

Fabien Penso penso at
Sat Oct 27 23:41:28 EST 2001

 >> Now the router. I downloaded the last driver wavelan2_cs for the PCI
 >> AirLancer. iwconfig says eth2 (the card) doesn't have wireless
 >> extension. I guess it might be normal. I strangly have many things like:

 > 	wavelan2_cs contains some binary part, so you should ask
 > directly Lucent or ELSA for support, we can't support it here.
 > 	As you mention, this driver doesn't support Wireless
 > Extensions, so either you find the way to configure it without
 > wireless.opts, or either you use orinoco_cs that does support Wireless
 > Extensions.

Can you confirm than this module requires 2.4 kernel ? My gateway
doesn't boot a 2.4 for a strange reason. So I would prefer to make this
work under 2.2.

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