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Hello Michael!

25 Oct 01 17:32, you wrote to All:

 MF> I am built a basic software radio modem (IF only at the moment,
 MF> however it wont be hard to make an RF transmitter when I am ready),
 MF> and am using my soundcard as the sampling unit.  The soundcard's
 MF> sampling unit is slow, the sampling frequency is not accurate and it
 MF> has a huge sample offset between left and right channels.  Does anyone
 MF> know where I can get some kind of PCI stereo sampling unit that is
 MF> both fast accurate and less than $(AU)200?

Exactly what are you trying to achieve?  Just that you may be reinventing the
wheel.  Look at the soundmodem stuff and AX.25 packet radio in the Linux

There are also software modems for other data modes as well (RTTY, PSK31, etc).

You'll find reference to these and others in amateur radio circles.

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