Making a Linux router

Alan Wilkie alan at
Thu Oct 25 10:03:38 EST 2001


> Now the router. I downloaded the last driver wavelan2_cs for the PCI
> AirLancer. iwconfig says eth2 (the card) doesn't have wireless
> extension. I guess it might be normal. I strangly have many things like:
> Oct 23 23:24:08 fifo kernel: eth2: Transmit timeout.

I had a very similar problem with a PCI wireless card (Compaq WL200)
which turned out to be caused by interrupts not being routed properly. 
It was a combination of several factors:

1. The version of kernel pcmcia support (at the time anyway) had removed
the PCI stuff from the i82365 support and apparently moved it to the
yenta_socket module, but yenta_socket did not yet support the Cirrus
Logic chip on my card.
2. When I switched back to the pcmcia-cs-3.1.28 non-kernel tree
distribution the PCI support was there in i82365, but the Cirrus Logic
chipset requires a special module parameter (irq_mode=1) to be passed to
get it working.
3. Some of the drivers (I tried them all!) used to rely on the card info
to tell them whether an IRQ was required, but the info for my card
incorrectly said no IRQ required.  Later versions tend to allocate IRQs

Check your system logs when you load your pcmcia controller module and
make sure it's detecting the right kind of chipset and that interrupts
are being allocated properly.



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