Reverse ARP

Jean Tourrilhes jt at
Wed Oct 24 08:32:42 EST 2001

On Wed, Oct 24, 2001 at 08:12:28AM +1000, Andy MacDonald wrote:
> >
> >	A Wireless Access Point is a bridge, operating at layer 2, and
> >therefore is not required to have an IP address. In fact, I've got a
> >few Access Points that don't have any IP address (and no TCP/IP stack
> >either). 802.11 doesn't talk about TCP/IP at all, so there is no
> >guarantee that the IP address of the AP exist.
> >	Moreover, all AP are usually shipped with the same default IP
> >address, so there is no guarantee of unicity, and no guarantee that
> >the IP address is valid on the present subnet.
> >	I think that the IP address stuff is a proprietary extension
> >and if you mix card/AP from different vendors the card won't be able
> >to get the IP address of the AP (but I didn't check).
> >	So : good luck...
> >
> >	Jean
> >
> How do you configure your access point remotely if you don't have the IP
> address?

	You don't. Remote configuration is not a requirement of
802.11. I've got an AP that can only be configured through a serial
null cable.

> Mine has two, which can be totally different depending on how you configure
> it.
> One for the Ethernet, and one for the radio, both of which are defined by

	Well... More fun...


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