Old wavelan PCMCIA availability

Stuart stuart at coscom.net
Tue Oct 23 22:32:14 EST 2001

Hi All, 

I have two old wavepoint (version 1) access points that I was using for a 
point to point link. These worked really well for that purpose but are no 
longer needed for it. I am now interested in locating an old wavelan PCMCIA 
card that is compatible with these and the standard that they use, which I 
believe is 802.1D. I'd like to setup a roaming wireless setup at my place for 
my laptop. 

So my questions are: 

Does anyone know where I would find one of these? 
What is the linux and windows support for these old cards like? 
What sort of range can you expect on them?

If anyone can just point me in the right direction, it would be appreciated. 


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