dell laptop internal card details (it works)

Jeff Lessem Jeff.Lessem at Colorado.EDU
Fri Oct 19 04:43:32 EST 2001

Steven Hanley <sjh at> said:
>So anyway as many people have noticed the recent dell laptops can be ordered
>with an internal wireless card. I have however not seen anything on this list
>as to what it is, how it works, is it supported or whatever, so I thougtht I
>would provide some details.

Can you tell me, does this card have an integrated antenna, or does it
require support of an external antenna (internal to the notebook, but
external to the card, like the Mac Airport cards)?

My point being, can I put one of these mini-pci cards into my
notebook, replacing my rarely used mini-pci modem?  I examined the
mini-pci bay of a Dell Insipiron 2500, which can use the mini-pci
card, and did not notice an antenna lead like the iBooks have.

Jeff Lessem.

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