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Wed Oct 17 19:55:46 EST 2001

Mikko Lammi wrote:
> At 08:04 17.10.2001 , you wrote:
> >Hi all,
> >We are looking at purchasing a number of cards to link a number of
> >semi-remote buildings at our campus, using point to point links.
> >
> >We have trialed (borrowed) Compaq WL210 pci cards and have them running,
> >point to point happily. But have yet to try bridging with these cards.
> >
> >The question is:
> >Are there any wireless cards that support bridging under linux?
> >Any documention/ponters/advice on this would be appreciated.
> >
> >TIA
> >Ron Perry
> Hello,
> Almost none of the wlan cards supports bridging since it's kind of ethernet
> technology and
> wireless cards operate in whole different physical layer.

Eh? That's not why they don't support briding under Linux - its because
the vendors want to protect revenue from selling APs. But I'm told that
Prism2 based cards now do support bridging.




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