Chaining wireless equipment

Robert Farrar robert at
Wed Oct 17 17:39:39 EST 2001

Hello Joel,

I have some experience with using TURBOCELL in the situation that you are
describing, What you need to do is set the base access point to non polling
mode, by the sound of your problem you have that option set to poll and the
unit is distributing the bandwidth around to all users rather than direct
all available bandwidth to the user that makes a heavy request for data at
that exact time.

I hope that this helps.


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> When I've established a link between two 802.11 devices, I usually
> manage to transfer files between the two ends at around 300KB/s.
> However, when I start chaining them together, the speeds drops off to
> about 125KB for two and 50KB for three. If I test the speed between
> two points, it's still 300KB, and spanning two of the three links is
> still about 125KB.
> The equipment I've used has included:
>  - Apple Airport to a Linux router
>  - RG1000s with Karlbridge firmware in Turbocell mode
>  - Apple Airport to Lucent Ethernet Converter (which is a slower link,
> but the same dropoff in speed occurs)
> At one of the nodes the devices are connected with a crossover cable
> and at the other by a switch. I've tried replacing the switch with a
> Linux router and this does not seem to have affected the performance
> at all.
> Presumably a few of the people on this list who have set up community
> networks will have chained repeater nodes in such a way - has anyone
> noticed the same thing? Anyone not had any problems at all doing this?
> Thanks!
> Joel

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