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At 08:04 17.10.2001 , you wrote:
>Hi all,
>We are looking at purchasing a number of cards to link a number of 
>semi-remote buildings at our campus, using point to point links.
>We have trialed (borrowed) Compaq WL210 pci cards and have them running, 
>point to point happily. But have yet to try bridging with these cards.
>The question is:
>Are there any wireless cards that support bridging under linux?
>Any documention/ponters/advice on this would be appreciated.
>Ron Perry


Almost none of the wlan cards supports bridging since it's kind of ethernet 
technology and
wireless cards operate in whole different physical layer. But you can 
create ip over ip
tunnels (vpn or something like that) and bridge the virtual devices. That 
might cost a
little performance, but it works after all. Try vtun for example;

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