Location, location

Brett Lymn blymn at baesystems.com.au
Wed Oct 17 15:21:38 EST 2001

According to Tony Langdon:
>My problem is I'm on the side of a steep valley, which is a couple hundred
>metres across at most, and the software didn't see the full depth of the
>valley, making gradients in the east/west direction look a lot less than
>they really are.  I think 20m data points are necessary around my area to
>get a half decent picture of what's going on...

He he he - that is a classic sampled data system problem.  If you have
features that are less than your sampling frequency (well, linear
resolution in this case) then you miss artifacts and can get a totally
wrong answer as you have discovered :-)

Brett Lymn, Computer Systems Administrator, BAE SYSTEMS

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