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Reynolds, Alfred Alfred.Reynolds at dsto.defence.gov.au
Wed Oct 17 12:17:37 EST 2001

I can supply a reasonably complete set of digital terrain data for the
eastern sea board in DTED level 1 format (which is fine for radio line of
sight work). I also have the c code to load the data and produce height
profiles :) I may even be able to provide code to spit out path losses
between two points (I need to double check copyright on that).

What I don't have lots of is time :) 
The data is about 500mb worth, if someone is interested I will look into
making up a web frontend to the data and algorithms (right now I have a java
based app).

Alfred Reynolds
Network Architecture Group
C3 Research Centre
Department of Defence
Canberra, ACT. 2600
Telephone: +61 2 62566111
Facsimile: +61 2 62566130

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> Hi all,
> In the last couple of days I've seen many "Is there a 
> wireless network at X?" 
> type posts.  From the sites I've found, most major centres in 
> Australia have 
> either a network, or a site with some info, but nothing exact.
> http://brismesh.org is probably the best site I've found.  It 
> has a list of 
> nodes or potential nodes, their link status, three maps 
> (network link, 
> topographic (roads etc) and terrain) of the area covered, and 
> a cool looking 
> terrain elevation tool that will show the terrain level 
> between two points.   
> Go see it at http://brismesh.org/db2/
> I've seen the site owner has had to purchase the elevation 
> data from AUSLIG, 
> ($80 per tile, they are fairly large) but apart from this, 
> the source to the 
> mapping tools is free.
> I just thought I would point this out - as it looks like an 
> excellent tool that 
> many of the other wireless network sites seem to be in need of :)
> BTW: 3-5 person wireless network may be starting in 
> Glenorchy/West Moonah 
> (Hobart, TAS) early next year.  Email me if interested :)
> -
> Charles
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