[wirelesslan] Wireless in Sydney ? - Re: Wirless in Lyneham?

jon at unicomsystems.com jon at unicomsystems.com
Tue Oct 16 11:48:05 EST 2001

I can say there is certainly interest in wireless networking in Sydney. There,
to the best of my knowledge, is no real wireless networking projects occuring in
Sydney at the moment. There only appears to be a few little wireless links
between people and their mates' houses.

I am still very much interested in starting up a wireless networking project in
Sydney, at this stage, what is mostly being done is looking at the best devices
to use as a medium for communication. We're usually talking about 802.11b
devices here, but not always; we are looking at the design of other devices
which would give greater scalability than 802.11b.

If anyone has questions, I'd most certainly love to answer them to the best of
my knowledge. Ideas are also very much welcomed, and will be heard.

The web site should be up RSN, the co-lo box for it is sitting near my feet, so
that should be hosted soon. There will also be a mailing list server in that

Jon Teh

SWN - Sydney Wireless

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