perpetual problem..I can't fix it...

Nordwall, Douglas J Nordwall at
Thu Oct 11 06:31:42 EST 2001

ok, you'll forgive my exasperation but I've been working on this problem on and
off for months. 

alright,. this does not appear to matter if it's redhat 7.1, mandrake 8.0 or
mandrake 8.1. It does not appear to matter whether I am using the wvlan_cs
driver or the orinoco_cs driver. My local access point is a Lucent AP1000.

When I try to connect, I cannot dhcp. I can iwconfig in all the parameters.
EVerything appears to work. iwconfig even returns the mac of the ap I am talking
to. I have a bit rate of above 2 (11 to be exact). I have an encryption key
showing. I have a signal strength in the 30's. I appear to be well and truly
connected. But I can't dhcp.

I can't figure it out.

the odd thing is that I had this problem wth redhat 7.1 and finally I replaced
all the pcmcia stuff. it appears to have worked. I'm not sure why. their scripts
are going through the same steps. Alright, so I'll pass off mandrake 8.0 on
similarities to redhat 7.1. But mandrake 8 should jsut work. Literally, their
scripts read the value out of tha file and iwconfig all the parameters in. Then
it starts a dhcp client. But it times out. I'm using dhcpcd for the client.

Does anyone have any ideas what this is? This is with encryption. It appears to
work fine without encryption (at home, on a linksys access point, not the dsl
router kind).

--Doug Nordwall

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